Reasons to Have a Company Blog

There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies out there who charge thousands of dollar a month claiming THEY are the one to get your company at the top of Google or other major search engine. We have encountered many clients sadly disappointed after hiring an “SEO consultant” without seeing any results. One major issue with those so-called “SEO Experts” is many don’t concentrate on your actual website content and don’t offer blogging as a form of SEO. A company blog should be a constant piece of every company marketing plan because it provides continually content / news for the search engines to includes in searches related to your company’s products and services.

Yes, it’s time-consuming to blog. Larger companies have entire marketing departments and blogging is included a full time position. Blogging at least once a week is best. If you are a smaller company or without staff to take the time for writing and blogging, we can help. We offer no-contract, month-to-month blogging as part of SEO and online marketing. If you have a limited marketing budget, as many companies do, having a blog is more important than paying for SEO and here are some reasons why:

  • Blogging gets the most bang for your marketing dollar on a limited budget. Regular blog posts, spread through your social media networks, provide the content that gets you inbound links— necessary for SEO.
  • Blogging creates web site changes, which causes the spiders to crawl it again to note the additions and updates. It will help you get you more links to get recognized by searches.
  • Social media sharing of your blog gets you even more traffic and more links, and if you put your social media streams on your own site, provides even more changing content.
  • People love tips, tricks, and useful information related to what you are selling. If you write them and they are really useful, customers and prospects will read and share them.
  • If you make a press release into a blog post, it may get more attention than in its original format. Non-journalists love to see press releases. Journalists hate them. A “press release” in your blog may attract customers.
  • You can publish any content you already have on your website or even a previous blog: white papers, case studies, videos—take this content and re-post it to find a new audience.
  • Blogging useful content will help move up the page on Google.
  • Blogs and content generate links. Links are the backbone of SEO. Your blog get Google’s attention.

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