Our Executive Director

Cyndy Schatz is the founder of Amazing Life Concepts and serves as Executive Director over our team of advertising and web development experts. Her top priority in business is to ensure quality products and services along with honesty and integrity in working with our clients advertising and web development projects. Cyndy, with her team members, strives to attain the best in each project and, in faith, gives all thanks to God for every success.

Cyndy brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in graphics, advertising, marketing, and website development. Her educational background includes Graphics, Small Business Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Cyndy has spent extensive hours learning about marketing small businesses for success. She is very serious about continuing education and keeping abreast of the latest innovations in advertising, marketing, and website development. She believes that being a good leader requires being a mentor and leading by example, therefore she also participates as one of our top marketing consultants, graphics artists and web developers.