Reasons to Have a Company Blog

There are many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies out there who charge thousands of dollar a month claiming THEY are the one to get your company at the top of Google or other major search engine. We have encountered many clients sadly disappointed after hiring an “SEO consultant” without seeing any results. One major issue with those so-called “SEO Experts” is many don’t concentrate on your actual website content and don’t offer blogging as a form of SEO. A company blog should be a constant piece of every company marketing plan because it provides continually content / news for the search engines to includes in searches related to your company’s products and services.

Yes, it’s time-consuming to blog. Larger companies have entire marketing departments and blogging is included a full time position. Blogging at least once a week is best. If you are a smaller company or without staff to take the time for writing and blogging, we can help. We offer no-contract, month-to-month blogging as part of SEO and online marketing. If you have a limited marketing budget, as many companies do, having a blog is more important than paying for SEO and here are some reasons why:

  • Blogging gets the most bang for your marketing dollar on a limited budget. Regular blog posts, spread through your social media networks, provide the content that gets you inbound links— necessary for SEO.
  • Blogging creates web site changes, which causes the spiders to crawl it again to note the additions and updates. It will help you get you more links to get recognized by searches.
  • Social media sharing of your blog gets you even more traffic and more links, and if you put your social media streams on your own site, provides even more changing content.
  • People love tips, tricks, and useful information related to what you are selling. If you write them and they are really useful, customers and prospects will read and share them.
  • If you make a press release into a blog post, it may get more attention than in its original format. Non-journalists love to see press releases. Journalists hate them. A “press release” in your blog may attract customers.
  • You can publish any content you already have on your website or even a previous blog: white papers, case studies, videos—take this content and re-post it to find a new audience.
  • Blogging useful content will help move up the page on Google.
  • Blogs and content generate links. Links are the backbone of SEO. Your blog get Google’s attention.

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Why Choose Our Agency?

Amazing Life Concepts is an award winning full service advertising agency offering complete advertising solutions in print, TV, web, and multimedia. We offer an all inclusive array of services for today’s business needs, including: branding and packaging, complete marketing and promotions, custom web development, interactive media, and social media campaigns. Amazing Life Concepts offers everything your company needs to create the professional look necessary to rise above the competition.

Amazing Life Concepts serves hundreds of satisfied clients across the United States. Our creative staff will work with you closely to ensure that your vision is our reality. We believe and strive for complete customer satisfaction. When the best is not good enough, we believe in on-going improvements to keep abreast of the latest technology available and keeping your business on top of the competition.

Our Mission

Amazing Life Concepts is dedicated to provide the quality service expected from a top advertising agency, while keeping prices lower. We seek to help business owners understand and offer to them all of the latest solutions available to reach their target audience, promote their company, and increase sales. We seek long term client relationships built on trust and extraordinary customer service.

Our Executive Director

Cyndy Schatz is the founder of Amazing Life Concepts and serves as Executive Director over our team of advertising and web development experts. Her top priority in business is to ensure quality products and services along with honesty and integrity in working with our clients advertising and web development projects. Cyndy, with her team members, strives to attain the best in each project and, in faith, gives all thanks to God for every success.

Cyndy brings over 25 years of experience and expertise in advertising, and marketing. Her educational background includes Small Business Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Cyndy has spent extensive hours learning about marketing small businesses for success and she is very serious about keeping abreast of the latest innovations in marketing. She believes that being a good leader requires being a mentor and leading by example, therefore she participates as one of our top marketing consultants, graphics artists and web developers.

What Does Full-Service Advertising Mean?

Full-Service Agency means Amazing Life Concepts provides ALL products and services that your business and its products and services need to create the right name, image, and packaging; the right print advertising, the right online marketing, including: website, social media, and viral marketing; the right signage, billboards, and TV commercials; the right presentation materials, including: business cards, brochures, multimedia, postcards, and direct mail. The list goes on. We are committed to be your one-stop resource to build your business without requiring a million dollar advertising budget. In fact, YOU can set your own budget and we’ll help you get the most results with your advertising dollars.

Names, Logos, Slogans, Recognition, Packaging

What’s in a name? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Amazing Life Concepts knows the importance of the right name, logo, slogan, and packaging for your company and products in getting you recognized. We are here to help ensure you are not only remembered, but also associated with quality and trust.

Custom Websites
Dynamic CSS, Flash Animation, E-Commerce, Interactive, SEO

Phone books are all but instinct as more and more people toss them in the trash while using their cell phone as their phone book. EVERY business needs a website. The World Wide Web is the today’s resource for finding local business information, so if you don’t have a website, what are the chances you will be found? Slim to none.

Amazing Life Concepts has your solution to not only get you recognized among local businesses, but also stand out above them. We offer award winning custom web development packages for your business. No cookie cutter websites here. Free SEO with every new website.

Direct Media
Business Cards, Brochures, Catalogs, Newsletters, Postcards, Presentation Folders

Creativity is key in capturing your audience’s attention. Amazing Life Concepts offers award winning solutions in custom design and advertising concepts. Let us help you create an entire advertising package to maintain brand integrity and professional image in all aspects of your marketing campaign(s).

Large Format Print & Signs
Billboards, Banners, Signs

Creative billboards and banners are a great way to capture the attention of local customers. Professional signage is also an important aspect to creating an inviting storefront. Amazing Life Concepts offers affordable solutions in large format print and signage.

Mobile Media
iPhone Apps, Smartphone Apps, Mobile Websites

Do you want to be able to say, “We have an app for that!”? Do you have an idea for some innovative app that will change the world or just an app to offer free to your customers? Apps and mobile websites are an excellent way to reach the millions of customers who are dependent on their smartphone applications in today’s on-the-go lifestyle. We offer solutions in app development for iPhone and other smartphones.

Strategy, Target, Promote

Do you know who your audience is? Do you have a solid marketing strategy? Don’t shoot blindly. Amazing Life Concepts offers marketing consultation to help you identify who wants your products and services. Then, we can help you target that audience with the appropriate promotional techniques to win not only their attention, but also, their business.

Professional Photography
Advertising, Architectural, Commercial, Editorial, Food, Industrial, Interiors, Products, Real Estate

Professional photos are essential in all aspects of advertising and marketing. To ensure the highest quality photography for your campaigns and promotions, Amazing Life Concepts keeps an in-house professional photographer available for all of your business needs. Ric J Photography brings to life your professional image with creative solutions to highlight your company, products and portfolio.

Books, E-books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, iTunes, MP3, MPG, Music & Video

Are you looking for a publisher or wanting to self-publish a book, video, or music? Amazing Life Concepts’ sister company, Amazing Life Publishing Company, offers a variety of options to get your creative idea or expression published and into the global marketplace.

Social Media Promotions : Viral Marketing
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Vimeo

Social interaction is essential for business today. Today’s X and Y generations thrive on interacting socially through means of online communities. Amazing Life Concepts offers setup, customization, and promotional campaigns for your business social pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Vimeo.

What does it mean to “go viral”? Viral marketing occurs when an article, photo, web page, video, etc. is shared through online social communities and then spreads to friends of friends of friends of friends, and so forth. Amazing Life Concepts offers the creativity your business needs to “go viral”. Contact us to help you create that innovative, imaginative, and memorable message that everyone will want to share.

Tradeshow Solutions
Booth Design, Banners, Signs, Promotional Giveaways, Print Materials

Amazing Life Concepts offers complete solutions for creating dynamic yet affordable tradeshow booths. Get the most return on investment by allowing us to help you produce an all inclusive package with everything you need for a successful tradeshow experience.

TV : Video Production
TV Commercials, Media Buying, Infomercials, Web Video, Video Production

TV commercials are still a big part of advertising, now with more power than ever by means of online social sharing and communities such as: YouTube and Vimeo. Amazing Life Concepts offers quality video production and creative commercial campaign solutions for today’s audience. We can also assist you with Media Buying, getting you the most time for your money, help you to post your commercials online and create a viral stream of viewers.