Branding: Names, Logos, Slogans, Recognition, Packaging

What’s in a name? ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Amazing Life Concepts knows the importance of the right name, logo, slogan, and packaging for your company and products in getting you recognized. We are here to help ensure you are not only remembered, but also associated with quality and trust.

Product branding begins with its name, logo and slogan. A successful branding will include a memorable symbol of your product and a catch phrase slogan that identifies the differentiating factors and benefits your product presents. Branding a product is the most important part of a new product launch. Your audience must identify with your product and desire the benefits exhibited in its message. Any logo and symbols must exist in a variety of file formats and in vector format to accommodate all high resolution printing.

Already have a logo? We will also examine your current name and logo to ensure we properly define and create your brand identity and value proposition.

All branding and messaging may be refined until it meets with your approval.